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Marginalization Within the Sign Language Interpreting Profession: Where Is the Deaf Perspective?

Nancy Bloch
Nancy Bloch

The intersectional dynamic between the deaf and the interpreting communities has literally been lost in translation amid dramatic and still-evolving changes within the profession of sign language interpreting. Also missing in action are deaf persons who have been marginalized by the interpreting community and not recognized for their contributions to the advancement of the profession during its early years and over the last several decades, to the present time.

Pre-Event Dialogue

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Workshop | Transforming the Profession of Sign Language Interpreting: Bringing Back the Deaf Heart

This session will examine how the Deaf Gain perspective can dramatically transform the profession, noting the historical contributions of deaf persons from early on to the present time. Bringing back the Deaf Heart requires the active participation by deaf people on all levels – ranging from interpreter education, ethics, certification, testing and professional development, national and regional RID board service, research, mentorship, teaming with deaf interpreters, interpreter services provision and lastly, to joint efforts by the deaf and interpreting communities. Workshop participants will learn the social justice benefits of recognizing, welcoming and actively involving deaf persons throughout all aspects of the profession – and the importance of acting on such knowledge by transforming the current economic, political and cultural paradigm to reflect Deaf Heart values, beliefs and practices. Such a paradigm shift would have a far-reaching, positive and lasting impact on the intersectional dynamic between the deaf and the interpreting communities.