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Anna Witter-Merithew
Anna Witter-Merithew

Stepping out of the Shadows of Invisibility: Toward a Deeper Conceptualization of the Role of Sign Language Interpreters

Anna examines how interpreters tend to approach role conception, definition and implementation from an  interpreter-centric perspective.  In large part, this interpreter-centric approach to our work is the result of role  conception that foster the ideal of “interpreter as invisible”  and/or non-involved.

Pre-event Dialogue

Please take opportunity to dialogue with Anna on both topics prior to the event by submitting comments below.

Workshop | Relational Autonomy and Decision-Making of Sign Language Interpreters:  A Systems-Thinking Approach to Role Conception

This session will elaborate on the 20 minute talk about approaches to role conception, definition and implementation in the field of sign language interpreting.  Relational autonomy as a central element of systems thinking will be explored as a framework for discussing decision-making of sign language interpreters.  Professional autonomy is the cornerstone of decision latitude available to interpreters.  Our professional autonomy is derived from the socially-constructed relationships that exist within the systems in which interpreters work.  Through case analysis, participants will explore how applying principles of relational autonomy and systems thinking to decision-making can assist interpreters in stepping out of the shadows of invisibility and into a conception of our role that is transparent and collaborative.