StreetLeverage — Live 2012 | Baltimore, MD

Street Leverage—Live is a thought leadership event designed to bring together industry visionaries, leaders, educators, entrepreneurs and practitioners to share ideas that foster proactive thinking and dialogue to propel the field of sign language interpreting forward. You can find the backstory on the inception of the event here.

StreetLeverage-Live - Thought Leadership Event











At the heart of StreetLeverage—Live is a single primary session optimized to engage attendees with a series of speakers, topics, and live dialogue. Following the main session, speakers will present workshop sessions. In some cases workshops will be a continuation of a speaker’s main session talk and in others they will present on new topics. The speakers sharing ideas in the main session and workshops include: 

Wing Butler
Wing Butler

Talk: Onsite Sign Language Interpreters Face Extinction (video)

Talk Description: Wing will examine the profession’s evolution from an “onsite era” to a “virtual presence era” and what adopting these new values means for sign language interpreters, and what it means if they don’t.

Workshop Session I: Harnessing Social Media to Maximize Your Professional Presence

Workshop Session II: What I learned on Broadway: Performing Arts Techniques for Everyday Interpreting


Nigel Howard
Nigel Howard

Talk: Deaf Interpreters: The State of Inclusion (video) 

Talk Description: Nigel will explore strategies that address the disadvantages experienced by deaf interpreters within the sign language interpreting profession and the wider societal context in which they operate.

Workshop Session I: Deaf Interpreter and ASL-Eng Interpreter Dynamics: Glitches and Thumbs Up

Workshop Session II: Trust? Me Hands-off or Me Do-do?


Trudy Suggs
Trudy Suggs

Talk: Deaf Disempowerment and Today’s Interpreter (video)

Talk Description: Trudy will examine the correlation between working interpreters serving as bona fide allies and its impact on the Deaf community and Deaf economics.

Workshop Session I: Deaf Disempowerment and Today’s Interpreter

Workshop Session II: Think of a Word, Quick!


Lynnette Taylor
Lynnette Taylor

Talk: Modern Questor: Connecting the Past to the Future of the Field (video)

Talk Description: Lynette will explore how the shift from a Deaf/centric to a market/centric locus of power has left both the Deaf community and sign language interpreters feeling powerless.

Workshop Session I:  Interpreting as a Political Act – Part One

Workshop Session II:  Interpreting as a Political Act – Part Two


Event Information

Date:              November 10, 2012

Location:       PCRID Annual Conference
                       November 9 – 11, 2012
                       Columbia Double Tree Hotel by Hilton
                       5485 Twin Knolls Road  Columbia, MD  21045-3247
Time:             8:30a – 11:30a:   Main Session (Speaker Series)
                       2:30p – 4:45p:    Workshop Session I
                       5:00p – 7:15p:    Workshop Session II
* PCRID Conference registration is required to attend StreetLeverage-Live. 

Progressive Thinkers

Lyle Vold, Brad Leon, and Ryan Leon





It’s the progressive perspective of people (left to right above) like Lyle Vold, Brad Leon, and Ryan Leon on giving back to the sign language interpreting profession that enables game changers like StreetLeverage—Live to get started.  As owners of Access Interpreting, and as interpreters, they see true value in open dialogue on issues facing the field.

A hearty thanks to each of them for their leadership, generosity and support of the PCRID conference to enable StreetLeverage—Live to become a reality.

Additional Opportunities

Although this is the inaugural run of StreetLeverage—Live, plans are underway to host additional events in 2013.



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