March 10, 2013

Sign Language Interpreters: The Importance of the Day Before

Dennis suggests that the secret to successful interpretations often rests on “One thing. Just one thing” – remembering “the day before”. Our failure to remember “the Day Before” means that we act on assumptions that generally result in lack of meaning equivalence in our interpretations.

Dennis Cokely
Dennis Cokely

Pre-event Dialogue

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Workshop | Deaf Community Health Quotient

The session will focus on the nature of our connectedness with the Deaf Community. Clearly the field of interpreting has changed dramatically over the past forty years and many of the changes have significantly altered the relationship between interpreters and Deaf people. As a field we have sometimes remained silent while individuals and entities that know little or nothing about the Deaf Community and even less about our work as interpreters create the circumstances that have altered our relationship with the Community. At other times our professional organization, the RID, has created the circumstances that alter our connectedness with the Community. An example of this is the Code of Professional Conduct that seems to place greater emphasis on mandating common behavior rather than on cultivating ethical decision-making.

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