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Where Does Advocacy Fit in the Sign Language Interpreting Profession?

Shane will examine how upholding standard practices, partnering with colleagues and local leadership, staying abreast of current trends and legislative developments, and collaborating with professional organizations can position sign language interpreters to better support the collective solutions that will support the profession long-term.

Shane Feldman - RID Executive Director
Shane Feldman

Pre-event Dialogue

Please take opportunity to dialogue with Shane on this topic prior to the event by submitting comments below.

Workshop | Cultivating Excellence in Interpreting Through Collective Individual Advocacy

Shane will share successful advocacy strategies that will enable sign language interpreters to set the direction of their interpreting journey as well as the sign language interpreting profession. He will highlight the challenges that lie before us and how interpreters can responsibly uphold their commitment to a world where the interaction between a person who uses a signed language and a person who uses a spoken language has an experience that is equivalent to the linguistic and human interaction that occurs with direct communication. The shared advocacy strategies will enhance each individuals contribution to a global collective approach in achieving the standards that define excellence in interpreting.