CIT 2014 – Workshop | Field-based Induction: Creating the essential elements for building competence in specialized settings



This presentation will focus on the elements, structure and implementation of supervised induction programs for interpreters wanting to specialize in healthcare and legal settings. NCIEC recently launched supervised induction programs in these settings through partnerships with a variety of healthcare facilities and court systems. Participants will explore how supervised induction programs can serve to deepen the application of theory and practice acquired during training programs, how to create partnerships with system-based entities, how to prepare supervising interpreters to guide the work of practitioners during induction, and possible approaches for funding induction programs. As well participant will receive a set of materials—such as observation and self-assessment tools, logs and other documents—developed by the NCIEC for use in creating or implementing induction programs. These materials can be adapted for use in the local communities of participants.


Richard Laurion, Carla Mathers, Anna Witter-Merithew, Patty Gordon

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